Corporate Law

We will be happy to provide you with complete legal service in formation and dissolving of companies, company transformations (conversions of a legal form, mergers, divisions, transfers of business assets to the sole shareholder), holding of general meetings and sittings of statutory and other company bodies, bringing of foundation deeds in compliance with the law and modifications of the deeds of foundation, filing of documents required by law into the Book of Documents of the Commercial Registry, increase and reduction of the registered capital, regulation of contractual relations between members of the statutory body and the company, arrangement for trade and other business licences, registration of changes in the Commercial Registry, acquisitions of companies and transfers and lease of enterprises or their parts. In relation to the aforesaid we prepare or review a complete contractual and other legal documentation and we actively take part in negotiations of the contractual documentation.

If you need legal advice in these areas, please, do not hesitate to contact us.